Iron & Steel

India is one of the largest manufacturers of steel in the World. Rust protection is a major challenge this industry faces. Our RUSTEND series of oils combine
excellent properties such as stabilized rust prevention, ease of removability, non-staining along with better lubricity and reuse of product at the next stage of the production cycle. These properties have made the RUSTEND product range popular with our customers all over the country and beyond. These remarkable properties have made our oils popular not only with majority of steel producers but also manufacturers of wires, rods and tubes.

Our cutting and grinding fluids are an excellent solution for end cutting applications and for precision grinding of mill rolls.

Automotive Component, Auto Parts and Engineering

India, being a manufacturing hub to the top OEMs in the world in the Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle and Farm equipment has a thriving automotive sector. The automotive industry continues to be a key driver of the manufacturing sector in India. The machined components in an automobile are required to perform at the highest levels for the entire life of the vehicle. CLEANCUT and SOFTCOOL series of cutting fluids (neat and water solubles) are widely used for machining of steel and aluminium alloys for delivering superior surface finish and reduce cost per component through lower consumption and higher tool life.

Our specially formulated and proven Rust preventives and Dewatering oils cater to a wide range of customer requirements and contribute to various automobile production processes. These oils are used for both intermediate and final protection.

Our proven range of Engine Oils and Brake Fluids ensure the engine has the best protection and the entire brake system is protected from corrosion, and to keep performing at every stop sign and every emergency stop.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals are used as raw or subsidiary materials to make products in virtually all manufacturing segments. More commonly used non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum and Copper are often subjected to oxidation and tarnish. Sulphur free cutting fluids been developed to meet the needs of the copper machining industries.

Specialised rust preventive oils are also formulated to ensure long lasting protection.

Construction and Mining

Shuttering Oil is a high-quality mineral oil that is applied to the inner surface of formwork before concreting. This is used widely in the construction industry to prevent sticking of formwork to the concrete surface thereby permitting easy stripping of formwork after the concrete has hardened. Through advanced formulations, shuttering oil provides good finishing surface of the concrete with minimum defects and prevents water absorption from concrete by the wooden formwork.

With the construction and mining sector in India catching up to global counterparts in terms of technological advancements, Mekuba’s range of Hydraulic oils has been specially developed to provide longer life and withstand higher loads. Our Hydraulic Oil range has been developed with rust preventive and anti oxidant properties with a high Viscosity Index, enabling hydraulic systems of the equipment to function effectively at all working temperatures.

The High load carrying capacity helps maintain the strong oil form of construction machinery, maximizing the scuffing resistance of high-pressure hydraulic equipments.